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In recent years, the need to give a more effective and concrete response to crisis situations and contexts has increased exponentially, and with this the need for a professional profile that deals with managing and organizing the response in the field, writing clear and concrete projects. If until recently the figure of the Disaster Manager was particulary associated with development cooperation, with the aim of improving the activity in the field, even humanitarian organizations are now increasingly using this professional profile to write useful projects with the purpose of providing an effective response to situations of crisis and emergency. The Disaster Manager in humanitarian contexts is a 360-degree figure. It is responsible for implementing emergency response activities, managing and technically monitoring projects in the humanitarian context and in parallel relating to stakeholders.

In this regard, the course aims to provide students with all the useful tools and techniques, starting from the ability to compile the Logical Framework for humanitarian contexts and to incorporate Theory of Change as a strategical tool. Additionally, participants will achieve both technical and strategical knowledge and skills to succeed in the Humanitarian context.

Who do we train?

The “Disaster Management Specialist” course is aimed at all humanitarian professionals interested in deepening their knowledge about the logical framework and the knowledge, skills and competences in the fields of risk prevention, preparation and response to emergencies. This is possible thanks to the presence of our expert lecturers, who have been working for years in the field with some of best international NGOs.

Suggested to

Junior professional or volunteers

With some previous experience in the subject


With more than three years of experience looking for an internationally recognized Competences/Professional Certification


Professionals and managers coming from for profit sectors (i..e. Project Manager, Engineers)  

General Info

The Disaster Management Specialist course has a duration of 3 months with a Blended Formula. The Blended Formula, partly based on an eLearning platform with a final workshop, allows the attendance of those who work or in general cannot afford to spend weeks or months in a classroom.

The course will be held in English and will last for 3 months.

The final phase of the course includes a final 5-day workshop in a European country (to be chosen), highly practical and innovative, when students can put into practice all that they have learned through the online materials.

FORMULA Blended Formula (online + 2 workshops)


CLASSES Minimum: 10 students
Maximum: 25 students
WORKSHOPS 2 long weekends (to be chosen)
DURATION 3 months Blended Formula

  • 60 hours WORKSHOPS in 2 long Weekend in presence
  • 120 hours E-LEARNING: On line study on the didactic platform, Webinars
  • 6 hours Disaster Management Specialist Certification Exam or:
  • 24 hours Disaster Management Professional Certification of Competences (for students with previous demonstrable experience)


January 2020
COORDINATOR Alessandro Zito, Humanitarian Training Academy Coordinator

Main Topics

  1. Introduction to disaster management
  2. Disaster management cycle and project cycle management in emergencies
  3. Logical framework and theory of change approach
  4. Needs assessment, situational report and cluster coordination
  5. Disaster risk reduction phases
  6. Relief and development
  7. Meal in emergency


The following certifications will be provided by Social Change School:

  • Disaster Management Specialist Professional Profile certification;
  • PM4NGOs Certification;
  • Standard Sphere Certification;
  • Disaster Management Specialist Professional Certification of Competence.

N.B.: The Disaster Management Competence Certification can be given only to professionals operating in the field from more than 3 years, has a supplementary  cost of 100 euros and it is not mandatory.

Job Description

THE DISASTER MANAGER is a professional working in the PROGRAMME UNIT DEPARTMENT, on Strategies EMERGENCY RESPONSE and RECOVERY. also supporting the PROJECT Department/Office. He generally works in the HEAD QUARTERS of the NGOs with field mission- a “Desk of Emergency”.

Download the Programme


  • Registration closes on: December 2019

Enrollment with a limited number of participants: maximum 25 students

Complete the form and download the programme

By filling the form you will get information about: all the Course key features, a detailed Syllabus of the topics, the lecturers and organisations, the staff, the calendar and the locations of the workshops.

Admission Call

Complete the form, upload your CV, our Staff will evaluate it and we will get in contact with you.


  • Registration closes on: December 2019

Enrolment with a limited number of participants: maximum of 25 students

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