Humanitarian Logistics Manager

The profile is sought by the NGOs, and by humane intervention organisations, civil defence, and the United Nations agencies.

The profile is strong organisational competence; the Logistician provides the technical and organisational support to programmes of humane emergencies assistance. 

Ensures and supervises:

  • Procurement: the procurement cycle: medicines, construction materials and support to the infrastructure and local suppliers, etc. 
  • Structure: the correct functioning of the structure 
  • Transport: – drivers, control and maintenance of transport 
  • Management and supervision of local staff 
  • Communications: The correct working of the various communication means and internet 
  •  Information technology: The daily functioning of the information technology range
  • Water & Sanitation: the functioning of the water and sanitation unit, waste disposal, the management of protocols for water treatment, etc. 
  • Cold chain: the correct functioning of the cold chain 
    Preferential entry requisites for the master: good knowledge of English and French or Spanish, availability to stay abroad for 6 and 12months, professional experience in one of the segments: mechanics or plumbing or construction, or electricity, or electric installations or radio and telecommunications or procurement, or information technology
    Previous work or voluntary experience, in Italy or abroad, in an emergency context in the position for which one is a candidate.

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