Master In Humanitarian Operations in Emergencies


Master In Humanitarian Operations in Emergencies Managing Projects, People, Administration & Logistic in the field

Social Change School and a number of international NGOs created HOPE in 2014 as a sustainable International Programme combining both quality and accessibility (an affordable cost + study grants) and a sustainable and flexible didactic formula in order to train and “put on the market” highly skilled professionals and managers.

HOPE – Master In Humanitarian Operations in Emergencies Managing Projects, People, Administration & Logistic in the field aims to meet these needs by offering concrete professional prospects in a fast growing professional market such as that of humanitarian operations.


 Master Director Tanja Berretta, Humanitarian aid senior expert and former manager for international organizations such as UNHCR, Oxfam and Plan International
Coordinator Tirso Puig, Social Change School
Senior advisors

Sandro Calvani, Director of UNI CRI Representative of UNODC United Nations and Caritas Coordinator. Senior Advisor for Strategic Planning at MAE Fah Luang Foundation. President at Social Change School Scientific Committee

Lodovico Mariani, Finance and Administration Director Amref Health Africa Italy.

Details Edition VIII
Blended Formula: e-learning and webinars + 8 full immersion meetings of 3/4 days. 26 full immersion workshops. (Rome, Brindisi, Madrid) including 3 days of Field Experience at the UNHRD base in Brindisi
Master Beginning December 2019
Registration Deadline December 2019 (if you enroll by June 2019 you will be granted early access to the platform and your spot will be guaranteed)

Professional Profiles

Master In Humanitarian Operations in Emergencies

Some HOPE main Partners


In collaboration with: UNHRD.

Social Change School is member of Euclid Network European Third Sector Leaders Association, supported by the European Commission.

Supported since 2015 by Scotland’s Third Sector Leaders… and more than 200 organizations hosting worldwide.


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Master In Humanitarian Operations in Emergencies

Team working

Team work on exercises and simulations

Field Simulation

At UNHRD's base in Brindisi

Management Development

Public Speaking, Good Writing, Team Building, Negotiation and Conflict management, Herman Test

Career Service

Assessment, Career Plan and Professional Profile

Master Diploma

Final Certification

E-learning video webinar

Webinars Platform, online classroom with a trainer/lecturer, webcast, MOODLE platform


In class. Full immersion. 30 workshops in 7 weekends


Former Students' Network


What is the relation with the labour market?

Master HOPE in Humanitarian Operations in Emergencies Managing Projects, People, Administration & Logistic in the field was co-designed with the main executives in the humanitarian sector and their organizations and updated through the most recent and reliable investigations on the competence and professional profiles requested in the humanitarian environment at international level. Guarantees of job placement at the end of the course include the strict reference of Master HOPE to the needs of the humanitarian professional market with respect to its extreme complexity and growing responsibilities as well as its experienced staff and faculty and the operational partnerships with Intersos, Oxfam, Save the Children, UNHRD.

What type of didactic model is followed?

The patented Social Change School Didactic Model “TNT”, Technologies for No profit Training®, is a training model which winds through qualifying contents and processes. It includes the online interactive platform Moodle, Webinars recorded live as a virtual class, Workshops, Field Simulation Experiences, LOE-Learning System Outcomes Evaluation, tutoring in groups or individual, teamwork and the “Peer Assessment” for the duration of the programme. 

It is a 12 months programme. 1000 overall hours distributed in:

  • 25 in-class WORKSHOPS plus 3 days of field experience (in 8 in-class meetings in Rome, Brindisi, Madrid)
  • 420 hours E-LEARNING on the didactic platform (Moodle) 7 Webinars (on-line lessons)
  • 400 hours ACTION LEARNING
  • 50 hours of Project Work (coaching included) 250 hours of Career Service (including at least 200 hours of TRAINING PERIOD)
  • 50 hours of TEAM WORK

The Training Period starts at the end of the course and lasts at least 200 hours.

To whom is it addressed?

Master HOPE in Humanitarian Operations in Emergencies is mainly targeted at professionals who aspire to operate inside humanitarian agencies (United Nations, NGOs, Red Cross, government agencies) in the sectors of humanitarian assistance and response to disasters and complex emergencies. Specifically:

 1. Humanitarian operators who, after working for some years in the field, intend to review their practical and theoretical competences

 2. Officials with different backgrounds, proven experience and personal motivation who intend to move into the humanitarian sector (Red Cross or civil protection volunteers, professionals in development co-operation, social-health workers, educators)

 3. Recently graduated with a degree in a relevant field and professionals with different backgrounds, or work experience, including volunteers in a similar pertinent professional environment, who intend to enter the humanitarian sector.

Mission of the Master in Humanitarian Operations

Since 1960 till present, humanitarian emergencies have increased reaching, in the five years 2008-2012, nearly 2 billion people became victims of conflicts and natural catastrophes. The specific competences of professionals operating in emergencies have become ever more fundamental to be able to effectively respond to humanitarian needs.

The mission of Social Change School’s Master HOPE is to train, through an International approach, the professionals and managers engaged in humanitarian assistance. HOPE is aimed at all those who intend to acquire and be able to manage the knowledge and competences required to operate in a responsible and effective way in the prevention and response operations to reduce harm caused by modern disasters and complex emergencies.

Master In Humanitarian Operations in Emergencies

…competences, practical skills, coaching, network!


The statements of our former students of the Master in Humanitarian Operations in Emergencies

  • Testimonial
    Laura Melchiade

    The reasons that led me to enroll to this master were both personal and professional. I checked for other practical courses before choosing the Mater in Humanitarian Operations in Emergencies, but none of them offered a good balance of theoretical and practical tools like the ones I found in HOPE. Moreover, the fact that it is linked to international organizations and it gives concrete opportunities of future employment made me decide to go for it!

  • Testimonial
    Gloria Andretti

    The reason I chose Social Change School Master Program is that it offered me exactly what I was looking for. I particularly liked the fact that the faculty is made up of professionals who operate directly on field.


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